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Broad Coverage Service is a premier Insurance Agency and Brokerage Firm that prides itself on offering clients the highest levels of service and performance. We are committed to providing unbiased advice and prudent strategies for insurance coverage and employee benefits, while custom-tailoring services to match your unique needs.

Founded by Isaac L. Muller, a veteran insurance executive with many years of industry experience, Broad Coverage Service fully understands the intricate insurance complexities facing businesses like yours. In addition to his longtime status as a reputable broker, Mr. Muller's impressive background includes spending over 12 years as the Chief Financial Officer of a large PEO (Professional Employer Organization) firm. In that capacity, he gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in negotiating the best employee benefits, packages and associated rates in the market, as well as statutory employer’s insurance, which includes workers compensation and disability.

Under the skilled leadership of Mr. Muller, the experienced insurance professionals at Broad Coverage Service provide insurance services, loss control, risk management, insurance consulting and world-class employee benefits packages. Our dedicated approach to perfection allows us to serve you without compromise...and our reward is the knowledge that there are hundreds of satisfied clients who have truly benefitted from Broad Coverage Service.

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