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Dynamic Claim Services: Workers' Compensation Administration

For fully insured employers, Broad Coverage has access to carriers with a great emphasis on providing the best rates in the market. Coupled with discounted premium rates, Broad's partner, Dynamic Claim Services keeps claim costs low leading to eventual MOD reduction to ensure continued low premium rates. For self-insured employers, Broad Coverage offers the services of Dynamic Claim Services for the ultimate claims administration program.

Dynamic Claim Services expertly administers claims as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) on behalf of both, carriers and self-insured employers. By specializing in workers' compensation claims administration for the New York and New Jersey regions, the claims management staff has a unique familiarity with those jurisdictions. Dynamic's unique methods and cost containment methods, coupled with a wide range of loss control services, has allowed Dynamic to achieve some of the lowest loss ratios in the industry. For more information, please visit

Pharmacy Benefit Management Services (PBM)

Broad Coverage has also partnered with a leading Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) to provide extensive savings on prescription costs to carriers and self-funded employers providing health benefits or worker’s compensation. Their nationwide network of about 60,000 pharmacies services the entire country, without compromising on their legendary costumer service.

Furthermore, their careful approach when approving a claim - combined with unique billing methods - results in remarkable savings and has proven to keep costs lower than other PBMs. Utilization of this PBM has broken the trend by pleasing employers with significant cost savings and satisfying employees, by eliminating the need for any increase in co-pays, resulting in a win-win situation for all.

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