Broad Coverage can provide you with a benefits package customized to your needs. Our Self-Funded Division supports self-insured groups through stop loss coverage. We have access to major carriers in the self-funded market and a team of experts who can find a plan that tailors your stop loss coverage to your specific needs. Broad Coverage can offer stop loss coverage to clients that wish to pay only for the claims their employees use.

Working with the people at Broad Coverage can make a difference in your business because you’ll be tapping into the knowledge and expertise of our experienced professionals that stay up-to-date on carrier products and legislation through training and industry participation.

Count on Broad Coverage for:

  • Specific stop loss (protection against a specific large patient expenditure)
  • Aggregate stop loss (protection for an excessive amount of claim expenditures for the entire group for the policy year)

Marketing services

  • Rely on Broad Coverage to market your cases and make sure you get competitive stop-loss rates and factors with a quality direct carrier.
  • We provide detailed spreadsheets for all products offered, and consultative services regarding your benefits.

Billing and premium collection

  • Where applicable, we provide billing and premium collection, reconciliation, and remittance.
  • Our superior payment tracking system can provide billing information to the clients at any time.
  • Our staff works with our clients to help them understand the billing process.

Claims expedition

  • Broad Coverage tracks and collects all necessary claims data from the third party administrator.
  • We submit claims information to carriers for payment in order to ensure they are processed quickly.
  • We understand the various claims data requirements for each insurance carrier and submit the proper information to the insurance company.
  • Our claims analysts reduce the time it takes for a client to have the claim paid.
  • We track all ongoing claims and provide this information to you as renewal dates approach.

Compliance services

  • Broad Coverage ensures thorough compliance reviews of plan documents and stop loss policies for our clients.
  • We provide consultative services regarding ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, and other federal laws which affect partially self-funded health plans.

Benefit from our experience as the leader in stop-loss and reinsurance markets: