Risk Management for Workers Compensation

The professional risk management experts at Broad Coverage Service excel at identifying safety hazards and workplace safety issues. The risk manager will visit the client’s location, perform a complete inspection and based on his findings, make recommendations on how to eliminate those risks, which can include reviewing all existing safety procedures and advising where improvements can be made.

To reduce future losses, we review the loss history, identify trends and common loss drivers, and then create a concrete plan to eliminate such risks and prevent such types of accidents from occurring in the future. Our experts can also review existing safety programs and training materials, along with orientation and training protocols to see where improvements can be made to help maximize loss control. In addition, we work with employers to make sure the workplace is OSHA compliant and conduct mock OSHA surveys to discover any potential OSHA violations.

When required, we will work together with employers on creating a plan to maintain any new protocol or procedures and do follow-up visits to make sure the employer follows through on the risk management recommendations and maintains it properly.