As a full-service Insurance Agency and Brokerage Firm serving clients across the United States, Broad Coverage Service offers a variety of valuable insurance services and sound financial strategies. Broad Coverage Service is licensed in multiple states, works closely with numerous carriers, and is in the unique position of providing a range of employee benefits packages - with an emphasis on benefitting both the employers and employees.

Through offering a unique combination of related services, Broad Coverage Service assists both self-insured and fully insured employers by identifying the needs of each employer and creating fully customized insurance solutions that will provide maximum cost benefit. The resulting scalable product offerings enable organizations of all sizes to offer employee benefits that will be attractive to employees - while reducing costs and overhead.

Broad Coverage Service is an affiliated partner with a recognized workers’ compensation TPA, Dynamic Claim Services (www.dynamicclaim.com) and a respected pharmacy benefit management services (PBM) company. In this capacity, Broad Coverage Service can ably offer clients these important services in-house with a more cost-effective approach, in addition to the full range of insurance brokerage services already provided by Broad Coverage.

While the professionals at Broad Coverage Service have developed a reputation for specializing in the healthcare industry and have numerous nursing homes, homecare agencies and healthcare facilities as satisfied clients, the impressive client roster at Broad Coverage Service spans across numerous industries and fields.

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